Employees Personality Traits and Organizational Commitment: An Empirical Analysis

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Maulana Yusuf Alkandahri, Sanya Kenaphoom, Ujjwal Chugh, Manoj P K


Dark Triad is a category of personality traits consisting of machiavellianism, narcissism and psychopathy. Here the hallmark of machiavellianism is exploitation and deceit, a lack of integrity and a concern for self-interest and fraud. A very stable person consisting of vanity, self-love and extravagant self-esteem is narcissistic. Instead Psychopathy has asocial comportement, impulsivity, disgust, egotism and unremorality. On the other hand, the psychological connection to the place of employment for workers comprises loyalty, engagement and recognition of corporate values. The influence of this Dark Triad Personality Trait on the employee's organizational responsibilities is assessed by the current research report. Total 100 data obtained from the private sector workers through structured questionnaires (The Dark Triad Personality Test by Dalroy Paulhus and Daniel Joe and Organisation Commitment scale by Upinder Dher, Prashant Mishra and D.K Srivastava). Machiavellism was found to have a negative connection to Organizational Commitment. Similarly, psychopathic interactions with the latter are substantially adverse. Narcissism has no meaningful connection to the organizational undertaking. This finding is important for hiring organisations, as well as for improving their employees' engagement levels. Organizations need to look at the dark triad individual and look at ways to deal with it.

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