The Interpretation of Meaning in Imam Al-Hassan Al-Askari’s (Peace Be Upon Him) Speech in Kufa Urging Jihad

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Dr. Fatima Abed Zaid Shwain Al-Khuzai


This study examines Imam Hassan al-Askari's sermon through the lens of an interpretive reading that reveals the deep connotations of the inner sermon's structure, which invariably falls within a larger external structure, and does not conceal the reading in its final stages, which monitors the impact of its realistic references on that internal structure, as well as its diagnosis of changes in that structure. The Imam's sermon is significant because of its strong structural stylistic energy, which has preserved the clarity of its language while dealing with a practical topic that occurred during the Imam's lifetime (peace be upon him). The sermon also used a variety of creative methods that helped to create an aura of influence in the recipient's mind and draw interest, a unique artistic formulation that aptly mirrored the historical moment in which the sermon was born.

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