The Legal Organization of Arbitration Award: A Comparative Study

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Saman Ahmed Shihab , Marwah Firas Abdullah Al-Rawe


The arbitration award is vital in knowing how judgments and decisions are issued and how the arbitrator should described them as arbitration awards and different from other procedural decisions. Although most of the legal systems and international agreements have paid great attention to the arbitration system, most of them have not been exposed to what is meant by the arbitration award, and the determination of the legal nature of this ruling was the subject of disagreement among legal scholars on the international and internal feast. This led to the emergence of several theories that reflected this controversy. On determining the legal nature of most of the legislation, including Iraqi and Egyptian legislation. This is due to the absence of a legal text that defines this nature, how the arbitration award is built, and the legal effects that this judgment creates in terms of the arbitration panel that issued it and other effects on the parties to the dispute and in terms of the authority of the court order that prevents litigants from resorting to the courts. All this invited us to research the legal regulation of the arbitration award.

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