Evaluating Impacts Of Internal Control And Risk Management On Real Estate Projects In Vietnam - And Factors Affecting Disclosure Of Accounting Information

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Hoang Thanh Hanh, Dr Dinh Tran Ngoc Huy


In The Context Of Vietnam Gdp Growth Has Increased Over 2010-2019 (See Exhibit 1), Transparency And Disclosure Of Accounting Information In Vietnamese Enterprises Have Been Becoming One Of Hot Issues In Recent Years, As It Will Affect Risk And Investment , For Instance In A Specific Industry Such As Real Estate Sector In Vietnam.

The Reliability And Availability Of These Data Will Facilitate Better Internal Control And Risk Management Procedures And Activities For Quality Control Of Real Estate And Construction Projects In Such Emerging Markets As Vietnam.

We Will Mainly Use Statistic And Qualitative Analysis Methods Including Synthesis And Inductive Methods To Evaluate Effects Of Internal Control And Risk Management On Real Estate Sector, Both Positive And Negative Sides.

The Results Show Us That Internal Control Can Be Accompanied With Assessment Of Asset-Income For Real Estate Projects And Firms. Secondly, Risk Management Process Can Be Enhanced With Accounting And Financial Data Transparency.

This Research Finding And Recommended Policy Also Can Be Used As Reference In Policy For Internal Control And Risk Management In Many Developing Countries.

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