Early Detection of Financial Default Prediction between Symptoms (Causes) and Treatment (Prevention) based on Accounting Information

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Amal Noori Mohammed


The study seeks to monitor the financial position of all agricultural sector companies listed on the Iraq Stock Exchange, by attempting to measure the extent to which early detection of the prediction of financial default is possible. Using four models based on financial ratios extracted from the financial statements and reports published in the market represented by (Springate model / Kida model / Altman model / Sherrod model), to measure the effectiveness, reliability and possibility of adopting these models in the future, to help the concerned parties to take appropriate decisions to be cautious and to avoid or correct the financial situation in light of the results of early detection, and the study has concluded to the success of the (Springate) model in early detection of the financial situation of all agricultural sector companies operating in the Iraq Stock Exchange, and its reflection on the financial reality of companies shortly that extended for two years. The study also recommended continuing research in financial analysis to develop current models and formulate standardization models commensurate with companies' work and work environments.

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