Geo-Political Significance and Security Implications Of Afghanistan

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Dr. Ekta Vinay Langeh* Sadia Masroor**


The 9/11 Assault Drastically Altered Afghanistan's Ultimate Future, But All Its Main Allies In The Area. New Delhi Began Many 'Fundation Development' Activities In Afghanistan To Restore 'Dependence And Stability' During The Post-Taliban Years, And Continues To Foster Afghanistan Through Harmony Building, Certainty Advancing Activities. This Article Would Feature The Activities Of New Delhi And The Difficulties Of Continued Checking Its "Tenacious" Harmony-Building Initiatives In Afghanistan And Its "Policy-Centered" Engagement, Which Will Contribute To A Strategic Organisation Of The "Friendship" Between India And Afghanistan. In The Following Article The "Future" Of "Propelled" Strategic Relationship Between India And Afghanistan Will Be Broken Down. The Deplorable Opportunity Of 9/11 Not Only Changed The World's Global Political Environment, But Also Modified Southern Asia's Defense And Political Condition. The International Policy Of Pakistan Against Afghanistan Has Been Modified. The Topic Concerning Afghanistan On Durand Line Has Greatly Influenced Pakistan's Foreign Policy Against Afghanistan, After The Establishment Of Pakistan As A Separate Autonomous State. Pakistan's Political, Financial And Social Problems In Afghanistan Are Constitutionally Affected. After 9/11, India Was Gained By The Disruptive Ties Between The Two Nations.

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