Political Participation In India: A Comparative Study Of Urban And Rural Areas

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Dr. Usha Gupta, Sadia Masroor


Political Participation Generally Refers To Engagement With Traditional Mechanisms In The Indian Political System, Such As Voting In Elections And Joining Political Organizations. Political Participation Is A Central Concern In The Study Of Mass Politics And Democracy. The Importance Of Active Citizen Participation In Politics For The Building Of Strong Democracy Has Been The Focal Point Of Much Debate Amongst Scholars, Civil Society Organizations And Government Institutions Across The World. Although Perceived Changes In Political Participation Patterns Amongst Young People In Recent Years Have Attracted Much Academic Research In Democratic Countries, Especially In Europe, North And South America This Remains An Understudied Area In India. As Active Political Participation Plays A Vital Role In The Improvement Of The Quality Of Democracy, This Gap Needs To Be Addressed Empirically As Well As Theoretically. Through Political Participation People Can Voice Their Needs, Concerns, And Problems To Democratic Institutions. In This Article We Compared Political Participation In Rural And Urban Areas In Delhi Ncr.

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