The Aesthetics of Technical Diversity in Moneim Saeed's Theatrical Performances

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Ahmed Talib Abd Ali


Since the beginning of theatrical performance, the aesthetics of technical diversity in the theatrical performance has a prominent and significant place in its construction, especially in modern theatrical performances. Therefore, technical diversity had an essential role through sophisticated means and sometimes unfamiliar to attract the recipient's attention towards the vision, so that each stage or period of time was characterized by a varied technical diversity. Moneim Saeed's performances had an aesthetic effect on the diversity of techniques, characterized by the breaking of all traditional means. Performances carrying a philosophical discourse force the audience to interpret the show through the connotations of various technologies and materials. The research consisted of four chapters: The first chapter dealt with the methodological framework, including the research problem, and focused on the following question “What is the aesthetics of technical diversity in Monem Saeed's theatrical performances”, while the importance of the research was evident by studying technical diversity from an aesthetic point of view in Monem Saeed’s performances.

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