Training And Development: An Empirical Assessment And Evaluation

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Mervyn J. Misajon, Phd Maria Jade Catalan Opulencia, Phd


Today’s Dynamic Organizational Environment Demands Employees To Be Up To Date In Terms Of Required Skills That Allow Them To Accomplish Complex Tasks In A Cost Effective, Efficient And Safe Manner. Training Serves As A Tool That Sharpens Performance Improvement Whenever Employees Are Not Performing According To Specified Standards. Technological Improvement In Training Is A Driven Fact In Today's Internationally Demanding And Challenging Environment. It Is Regarded A Duty, Not A Choice, To Conduct Training In A Scientific, Technical Manner And To Achieve Results That Can Be Measured Using Various Techniques. The Assessment Of Capacity Building Initiatives   Is Crucial In Determining The Path Towards Organizational Efficiency. This Study   Explored The Level Of Training Need Assessment Practices Among Employees (N=50) Being Carried Out By Selected Organizations In The United Arab Emirates (Uae). The Study Employed The Descriptive Method Utilizing Survey Questionnaires.The Findings   Yielded   Very Positive Results That Training And Development   Helped Them  Improve Its Performance To Be At Par With Its Competitors. Specifically, The Organizations Focused On The Assessment Of Training And Development Programs That Further Helped Improve Its Operations. There Is A Recommendation That   Technology   Be Integrated To Sustain The Organizations’ Efficiency And Effectiveness .

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