Learning Language Through Poems: A Viable Option for English Language Acquisition by Tribal Learners of Odisha in Eastern India

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Dr Preetinanda Roy,Dr Ratnakar Mohapatra


Education has become the most important tool for social upliftment of the tribals of Odisha. More particularly, the knowledge of English has proved to be very vital in their upward mobility in the social strata. Hence, the importance of English is immense for them. The present curriculum as prescribed for the higher secondary students under the Council of Higher Secondary Education, has many difficult poems which is neither comprehendible by the tribal learners nor serves the purpose of learning language. The authors have tried to explore the approach of teaching English language through poems. The present article is mostly based on primary sources collected through empirical study. The prescribed poem has been evaluated and an example of a poem has been discussed as experimentation in this regard. The aim of this article is to focus on learning language through poems for English language acquisition of the tribal learners of Odisha in Eastern India. Both the primary and secondary sources have been methodologically utilised in the writing of this article. 

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