Local Wisdom Based Online Learning Media in Elementary School: A Qualitative Research

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Nur Samsiyah, Sarwiji Suwandi, Andayani, Raheni Suhita


This paper presented the learning media used by teachers during the Covid-19 pandemic. The steps have done were the first, identified online media used; the second, identified content of local wisdom values ​​contained in learning media of grade 4 elementary schools in Madiun city. The purpose of this study was to identify the content of local wisdom in learning media for grade 4 elementary schools that are used during online learning. This research was a qualitative that focused on identify local wisdom in media used by grade 4 teachers in Madiun city. Data collection was carried out by observation, documents in the form of media, and interviews with teachers in grade 4. Data analysis used triangulation techniques. Although not all media are used by online teachers, the results of the study showed that there were values of local cultural wisdom, clean village, and cooperation in learning media. The implication of these findings emphasized the need of cultural understanding to preserve local wisdom values ​​in teaching and learning from elementary schools to University.

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