Development of an Assessment and Evaluation Model for Learning in the Eyes Learning Evaluation Lec-ture

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Evi Susilawati, Imamul Khaira


One of the important components and stages that must be taken by lecturers to determine the effectiveness of learning. The results obtained from the evaluation can be used as considerations for lecturers in improving and perfecting learning programs and activities. The terms used in the evaluation system, namely measurement, assessment, and evaluation. The research method uses the RnD method. The model used is ADDIE. The result of the research is that the ADDIE model has a positive and significant influence on students' understanding of the learning evaluation course. This is evident from the results of repeated measures analysis and paired samples t-test, which show that there is a significant positive effect of the application of the ADDIE model on increasing student competence in the limited and expanded trials.

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