Issue of structure, ambiguity and meaning among Libyan University Students

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Mohammed Abulqasem Mohammed Elasfar, Dr.Mohammed Milad Aboubaker, Dr.Tarek Bishti


The aim of this research paper is to investigate the difficulties and issues faced by Libyan University students in dealing and understanding ambiguous structure of sentences and meaning. The researcher decided to select quantitative method for data collection. The test was planned and 60 students of Libyan university were selected.This research is based on data which was collected from Libyan universitystudents. The researcher analyzed the data. The students were unable to deal with ambiguous sentences. The students were assigned some ambiguous sentences include phrases of preposition as well as relative clauses. It has been noted that students faced complexity to understand the ambiguous structure. They conceive general and common meanings which can also be understood from sequence of words. The lack of appropriate material to consult was a contributing factor to understand the structural ambiguity of sentences. The researcher recommended that lecturers of English language must give more exercises to the students, so as to be capable to deal and understand ambiguous sentences in the approved manner. The English language lecturers should introduce their students about different types of ambiguous sentences to make the learning process easy. Through this research paper, it is expected that non-native students will be ware of their mistakes which could guide to misunderstanding and grammatical errors. This study describes various interventions that may support students to require academic writing skills to develop sense of confidence in order to take any academic task.


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