Evaluation of Strength, Flexibility and Balance in Older Adults through Functional Tests and Application of a Program of Physical and Recreational Activities

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Maritza Gisella Paula Chica, Elva Katherine Aguilar Morocho, Kelly Deysi Hernández Mite, Vanessa Lucía Ochoa Sangurima


Aging diminishes the freedom and independence of older adults. Muscle strength, flexibility, and balance are improved with physical and recreational activity. This research aims to demonstrate the impact of the stimulation of these capacities through a program of physical and recreational activities in older adults in the city of Quito, the population of this study was made up of 50 people, of whom 39 are female and 11 males, aged between 65 and 81 years old, the methods applied to assess their physical capacity were five tests functional.Subsequently, the program of physical and recreational activities was applied, finally a final assessment test was carried out on the study group, to know what was the effect of the applied program, functional tests that projected significant results both in strength, flexibility and balance of older adults, Through the statistical analysis in the T Student and Wilcoxon tests, which evidenced a significance value of p <0.05, concluding with a confidence level of the research study greater than 95%. It is suggested that the intensity of physical activity should be systematized and monitored so that it is possible to achieve the results and benefits of an active life.

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