Publicity and Its Role in Investigating the Crimes of Expression of Opinion - A Comparative Study

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Hussein Rahi Younus Al Nomani, Dr. Mahdi Khaghani Esfahani, Dr. Amir Vatani


Publicity has an important and prominent role in defining expressive crimes or not, because most expressive crimes are not achieved without publicity, and for this it is considered one of the basic and main principles in defining expressive crimes, and this is what most laws went to, and given the importance of this pillar, we set out to clarify and study it through What the Iraqi, Egyptian, French and Algerian laws referred to, and by talking about the traditional manifestations of saying, pointing, drawing, or ..., as well as the modern aspects of publishing on radio, television and social media. There is a common aspect among the laws, which is to define all aspects that constitute a crime of expression, while the difference is in defining the punishment for the perpetrator.

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