Digital Technology’s Effetcs on Children’s Social Education: Representations of Gender in Dıgıtal Games

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MerveAkgul, GokceKececi and IzlemKanli


In today's technology, computers, phones, game consoles are widely preferred by children for playing games.The research deals with gender theme in digital game"Grand Theft Auto Vice City" game, a prominent game mostly played by the Turkish societies since the early 2000’s, appealing toplus 16 age group.  The aim of this research wasanalyzing audiences perceptions of gender in this game. Analysing the game was important in terms of detecting gender discrimination coded in the minds of children / young people in the plus 16 age group.The study employed questionnaire technique as research method. The research questioned whether gender discrimination or perception occurs within such games.The results shows  that men and women in the game were designed differently in terms of gender roles; women have excellent physical features and represented as commodities that can be bought and sold by men.Gender inequality in such games is an important topic that should be included in the education curriculum.Such games might negatively affect the children / young people who will be leading future societies. Therefore the lack of currriculum on gender inequalities issues might cause serious problems in terms of community building in the long run

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