Re-Imagining Native American Nations: An Analytic Study of Native Resurgence Movement

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Anjitha Gopi, Dr Beena S Nair


The rise of Native activism in the 1960s and 1970s was a direct reaction against Native erasure. Till the 1900s, colonial narrative deemed Natives as “extinct” and “thing of past”. However, the mid-1950s saw a Native re-awakening that toppled stereotypic notions associated with Native Americans. The paper discusses specific Native American demonstrations, the demands associated with them, and their impact in rekindling of a new Native consciousness. It includes Indian Self-Determination Act of 1975, and many policies that allowed Native Americans to control their own community affairs. In addition to these, the paper also explains how Native Activism marked the beginning of tribal revitalization. The paper examines how Native political activism aid in creating a national identity against the Narrative of Erasure. Lastly, this paper views the Native Nationhood through Benedict Anderson’s concept of “Imagined Communities” 

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