Analysis of the Components of Surrealism in the Poetry of Shams Langroudi

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Alireza Ebrahimi, Majid Reza Khazaei Vafa


In this article, we have dealt with the components of the school of surrealism in the poetry of Shams Langroudi. Surrealism or surrealism is an influential artistic and literary movement that, like many other literary schools, entered Iran through translation. This school of art "began with the publication of a statement in Surrey (1924)" by Andre Burton in France. This school was the result of the unstable movement of Dadaism. (See Iberms and Herfam, 1387: 438). The most important components of this school of dreams are automatic writing, passion and madness, wonder and humor, which are reflected in the poetry of Shams Langroudi. The study of Shams Langroudi's poems has come to the conclusion that Shams Langroudi has benefited well from the prominent components of the school of surrealism. In the meantime, attention to dreams and dreams, wonder and humor can be seen more in Langroudi's surreal poems.

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