Occidentalism and Its Representations in the Iraqi Theatrical Text: The Key Play as a Model

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Abeer Muhammed Hamood, Dr. Ali Al-Rubayye


This study traced the relationship between Occidentalism as a theory and theatrical drama in Iraq. It presented the strategies through which the Arab theatre constitutes a resistance mechanism that the Arab and Iraqi people employ in proving the ego and realizing identity as the Arab cultural heritage with all its elements that are considered techniques of resistance to the culture and thought of the other theatrical such as the story, the narrator, narration, song, folk proverbs,  puppet, ceremonial and other forms of heritage in the pre-contact stage, which helps to represent the original local Arab culture despite Western attempts to marginalize and exclude all non-Western theatrical cultures, as well as re-reading or producing Iraqi theatrical texts in the experimental stage. or modernization, and this reconciliation or balance and coherence between Arab theatrical forms and some Western techniques is the subject of theatrical Occidentalism in post-colonial thought, which contributes to undermining and limiting the Western theatrical criterion from the center.

    The research was interested in studying (the Occidentalism and its representations in the Iraqi theatrical text, the play (The key) as a model), and the research included four chapters, the first chapter included (the methodological framework) the research problem that revolved around the following question (what is the Occidentalism and how is it represented in the Iraqi theatrical text?), and the goal research focused on identifying Occidentalism and its representations in The key text, while the second chapter (the theoretical framework) included two sections: the first section , the concept, origin, types of Occidentalism, In contrast, the second (the Occidentalism in the theatrical text), and the chapter concluded with the most critical indicators from the theoretical framework, and devoted researchers Chapter III of the research procedures, as was a sample analysis search the text of the play ( the key to Yusuf Al-Ani) in 1968, the research concluded during the fourth quarter to several findings and conclusions and concluded search a list of  references.

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