Husband's Participation in Breastfeeding in Rural Areas: A Qualitative Case Study

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Suriah, Zulfikar Yunus, Ahmad Yani, Nurhaedar Jafar, Hadi Khoshab


Indulging husband's participation to support their wife in breastfeeding is quite tasking. This study examines the husband's involvement in breastfeeding, especially in rural areas. Ten husbands whose wives were currently breastfeeding while the participants were determined using the snowball technique to be involved in this study. Through the case study approach, information was extracted in participation and expression of husband's involvement to support breastfeeding wives. The thematic analysis was used to determine the patterns of husband participation. The participation behavior pattern was both instrumental and emotional. The instrumental forms include being involved in helping the wife to cater for the house and baby. Meanwhile, emotional participation consists of paying more attention to breastfeeding mothers and their babies. Information in the form of the involvement and expression of the husband's involvement showed the need for further intervention to indulge husbands' participation in the form of a draft agreement at the village level.


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