The healthcare sector: A development of digital marketing methods

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Worakamol Wisetsri, Dr. Nupur Soni, Raghvendra Kumar Singh, Dr. Pawan Kumar Chaurasia, Shashi Kant Gupta


The study aims to examine why healthcare firms are lagging behind other digital marketing sectors. This was achieved using an abductive approach, while a literary assessment was undertaken early in the research, and the literature review was completed following the evaluation of the empirical data collection and analysis. The study is carried out in case study by a clinical research organization. Qualitative and quantitative techniques were used by interviews with SEO experts and interviews with business developers of healthcare companies. The quantitative section involves two data collecting activities, a survey of SEO specialists and workers from different firms and data collection of top volume and traffic keywords from branch colleagues. The result is that inadequate work is being conducted for healthcare companies and businesses in general inside digital marketing. Another inference was that, when it comes to digital marketing, the healthcare sector is lagging behind other sectors.

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