The Technology-Based Customer Journey Management of Suvarnabhumi Airport, Thailand

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Chayapoj Lee-Anant, Paithoon Monpanthong


The terms of ‘smart airport’ and ‘smart terminal’ have been widely used after the prosperous digital era when passengers are immensely living the digital lives. Airport operators are working tirelessly to improve their airport facilities to leverage passengers’ satisfactions. Airport is long-known as the ‘front-gate’ of a particular country. Additionally, it represents the civilization yet creates first and final impressions to international travelers. Suvarnabhumi Airport is the largest Thailand’s airport and recognized as the leading air transportation hub among ASEAN countries. Airport of Thailand (AOT), the state-owned airport operator, immensely invests on technology-based assistances at Suvarnabhumi Airport, primarily to create retention and satisfaction to airport users. Based on the existing research in Thailand’s aviation industry, many research literatures associate with airport performance, airport operational efficiency, customer satisfaction, nevertheless the technology-based airport that interrelated to the customer journey management is barely found. Hence, this study aimed to figure out the technology-based customer journey touchpoints at Suvarnabhumi Airport based on the non-structured in-dept interviews between airport and airline staffs as well as airport executives. Total 36 samples were chosen. Thirty airport and airline staffs and six airport executives were units of study.  The findings revealed the technology-based customer journey touchpoints between arrival processes and departure processes at Suvarnabhumi Airport. Using the qualitative approach to interpret the data, the research contribution goes directly to airport operators to plan their technology-based facilities according to the actual demands of airport passengers.

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