An Analysis on English Speaking Ability of Indian Rural Students and the Factors Affecting English Language Learning

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R. Robert, Dr. S. Meenakshi


The focus of this paper is to make everyone become aware of the real scenario of English-speaking ability of the Indian rural students.  The contemporary age with latest technology needs well sounded knowledge in spoken English. Mostly students from rural background are deprived of this ability of conversing in English language fluently.  The paper studies Psychological obstacles and other factors that affect and prevent the rural learner to speak in English. Since this study focusing on rural students of India, it’s obvious that lack of knowledge in second language acquisition triggers the EI (Emotional Intelligence) to inequity.  So, the findings exposed the naked truth about these Indian rural students’ academic achievement as not of par excellence.  The important cause found for the lower academic achievement (of Indian rural students) has been instigated from the lower level of performance in English language skill.  Academic Achievement demands sound familiarity in English language, since the medium of education at undergraduate level is in English. Henceforth, lack of knowledge in students’ second language disables their academic progress and affects academic achievement.    But it is very apparent that Students who are of metropolitan able to produce higher academic achievement compared with the rural backgrounded students. This kind of disparity happens due to customized educational policies and patterns set by Indian society. This fact affirms that the rich can afford for English medium instruction at schools whereas the poor and rural can’t. therefore, this paper studies the cause and effect of low proficiency in English speaking skill among the Indian rural students.  It also reviews that appropriate instruction is needed to improve the spoken English of the students from rural background of India. 


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