The Effectiveness of Online Learning during COVID19 Pandemic Crisis-A Transformation in Education

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M.Kannan, Dr. S. Meenakshi


The COVID19 Pandemic Crisis has clearly has made challenges and changes to higher education, and especially in the face-to-face teaching and learning activities and the learning outcomes of the learners. Millions of academic hours has not been utilised properly due to the terrible pandemic conditions, which is very complicate to recover. It has affected all the fields in the world, education is one among them. The University Grant Commission has allowed all the institutions to use the available online materials and technical tools to continue the academic activities. As per the advisory of UGC, many of the reputed institutions and colleges have been using various platforms of social media to continue the classes for online learning through video conferencing and e-materials. This paper explores the available learning resources for the students and their academic loss. It also highlights the effectiveness of e-learning and online classes and its outcomes. 


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