Model of Supervision of the Use of School Operational Assistance Funds for Basic Education in Realizing Clean Governance

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Sukmo Widi Harwanto, Retno Mawarini Sukmariningsih, Mashari


Education is one of the essential aspects in developing an area because education as the creator of quality human resources has a considerable contribution to progress. Organizing primary education has not been enjoyed by all levels of society, and the cost of education is still partly borne by the community itself. Primary education is still not wholly free; even it still feels expensive for children born to financially disadvantaged families. This research aims to find a model of supervision of the use of school operational assistance funds for primary education in realizing clean governance. The approach method used in this study is the empirical juridical approach method. This research was conducted in Purworejo Regency, Central Java Province. The results showed that Supervision of implementing primary education in realizing clean governance is required to intervene by the State by supervising the use of funds Operational School to no leakage. The establishment of a Supervision Verification Team supervision budget allocation provided by the Government so as not to be misused by the education unit and need to be held internal supervision so that the school does not pick up from the parents of students for any reason. As a school superintendent, the principal meets the qualifications by the established regulations, given the opportunity to the school superintendent and the principal who meets specific criteria to attend education by the established qualifications.

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