Management and Rationalization of Costs in the Space Work Area through the Cloud in Educational Institutions

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Shaymaa Kamil Mwayesh Asadi


Importance for attempt manages and rationalizes costs in space work area to provide best services in educational institutions through cloud.And forcalculating using cost management tools for purpose of access to rationalize public spending. Problemis use traditional methods in (management, conservation, archiving, etc.) its taking very large ground and storage areas, wasting time, effort; High cost of services.Aimtomanage and rationalize costs of space work area through cloud in harmony with cost management tools, using ABC-M systems. Hypothesis is use cloud in space work area to manage and rationalize cost for providing services in cooperation with cost management tools in administration and calculation of rationalization, using ABC-M systems. ResultsUnder use cloud in the space work area we can manage and rationalize cost and provide services in educational institutions in cooperationin additional it we will be able to reduce total cost for activities and then down to per unit cost.

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