What Makes Us Enjoy To Work From Home?:Happiness And Difficulties In Remote Working During Pandemic Covid-19 *

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Azhar El Hami, Rezki Ashriyana Sulistiobudi, Diana Harding


The covid-19 outbreak is a considerable challenge to various life settings, including working arrangements. The government announced the stay-at-home policy; hence many employees across different occupations have shifted to work from home. This situation has become a new experience for several employees in which there are many things to face in carrying out their duties. This study aimed to analyze factors contribute to employee work from home happiness. Using mixed method approach, we integrate the main finding from the demographic aspects of employees with perspective of employees during work from home. In the present study, 1137 employees in Indonesia completed survey consisted of General Happiness Questionnaire and qualitative survey in the form of two open ended question. The study implied that employees were relatively happy working from home. We identified multi-causal factors for work from home happiness, type of  difficulties faced by employee when working remotely. It can be categorized as personal factor, working condition, working environment. The prominent findings from this study are employees enjoy the work from home since they could spend more time with family, flexibly manage their working, family and leisure time. Meanwahile, barrier in work communication and coordination, higher workload, lack of tools and facilities and work-family role interference are several difficulties perceived by employees during remote working. Author’s recommendation about maintaining employee happiness was also discussed, specifically when the organization implements the working from home policy in the future even though the pandemic is over.

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