Burning Forests for Agricultural Land Based on Local Wisdom and Environmental Law

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Amri Panahatan Sihotang, Efi Yulistyowati, Aga Natalis


Forest fires have become an annual natural disaster that often occurs in Indonesia, especially on Borneo Island. Forest fires have two factors that cause them, namely natural factors, and environmental factors.  However, forest fire disasters are more likely because of human actions because it has become a tradition of the community using local wisdom.  Forest fires have many adverse impacts for Indonesians and foreigners, namely Malaysia and Singapore and become violations of human rights.  Law No.  32   of 2009 on Environmental    Protection and Management has set a ban on land clearing by burning in Article 69 paragraph (1)  letter h,  but in paragraph  (2), it is possible to burn maximum hectares of land by taking into account local wisdom in their respective areas.  Burning forests has the potential for haze that causes health problems or cripples transportation access.

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