Model Innovation of Public-Sector Dispute Mediation Center with Participation of Legal Support Community Justice in Thailand

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Korakod Tongkachok, Krisda Apinawatawornkul, Teeraporn Tongkachok


This article aimed to investigate dispute mediation by public-sector dispute mediation center and situation of public-sector dispute mediation. The study was conducted using a qualitative technique. The findings from the study revealed that public-sector dispute mediation center offers legal support for dispute mediation between parties when disputes arise, without bringing cases to court, leading to dispute resolution or dispute settlement, social reconciliation, reduction of annual government statement of expenditure, and enhancement of peace and order in society. Since it is a new law enforced by the end of 2019, a number of persons who passed the training and are registered to be mediator is small, state agencies should establish a public-sector dispute mediation center to cover all communities in order to reduce the roles of State and increase the role of communities. In order to reduce a number of cases brought to the justice system, it is necessary to provide mediator training that encourages people in communities to be registered mediator in all districts to ensure peace and order in daily living in society.

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