Performativity of Homosexual Characters in Indonesian Novels with Homosexual Themes

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Alfian Rokhmansyah, Agus Nuryatin, Teguh Supriyanto, Nas Haryati Setyaningsih


This study aims to describe homosexual performativity, mostly gay and lesbian ones, in Indonesian novels. The analysis is based on the theory of performativity developed by Butler (2002). This study uses a queer approach to see the form of character performativity. The novels used as research objects are "KembangKertas" (2007) by Eni Martini and "The Sweet Sins" (2013) by RanggaWirianto Putra. Data analysis was performed using a retroactive reading model and a close reading method. The results showed that the performativity of lesbian and gay characters in the novel includes physical and conversation, sexual activity, and homosexual talk. The performativity carried out by a homosexual as a form of gender identity cannot be separated from the coming out process. Homosexual characters will hide their sexual abnormalities from other characters. It was done to maintain the relationship with the surrounding environment so that no conflict arises between homosexual characters and their environment. Therefore, homosexual characters perform performances as a form of their homosexual identity.

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