Resource Capacity and Inter-organization Communication in Waste Management: A Study in Medan City and Deli Serdang Regency, Indonesia

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Hatta Ridho, M. Arif Nasution, Subhilhar, Muryanto Amin


This research aims to describe the carrying capacity of resources and inter-organization communication in waste management cooperation between the city of Medan and Deli Serdang regency. This research employed descriptive method with qualitative approach. The research location is located in the office of regional device organization related to the handling of urban waste problems in Medan and Deli Serdang. The data were from primary and secondary source. Primary data were obtained in the field or in the research area from observation and by doing in-depth interview with some informants. For secondary data, those were collected from the processed data of others, whether in the form of documents, reports, publications, and so on. Based on the analysis, it can be concluded that limited resources have caused urban waste not handled optimally in terms of technical waste management system and environmental impacts.  Then, communication that is established in coordinating the handling of urban waste of MEBIDANGRO has not been going well and smoothly, where often there is miscommunication related to urgent matters such as the location of the final processing place of waste.

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