Vietnam’s Diplomatic Policy: History, Present and the Problems Raised

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Dr. Huynh Thi Gam


Since its establishment, the State of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam has always advocated the consistent implementation of the diplomatic policy of peace, friendship, and cooperation for social progress on the basis of respect for fundamental national rights of each country and the principles of peaceful coexistence. However, measure historical conditions in each specific period, so the expression is not exactly the same. In recent years, along with the great achievements that the State and people of Vietnam under the leadership of the Communist Party of Vietnam have achieved in the country, Vietnam’s diplomatic activities have also made great strides in important development. With the motto “Vietnam wants to be friends with all countries in the world”, the State of Vietnam has constantly expanded relations with other countries, and the prestige of Vietnam in the international arena is increasingly enhanced. Based on that situation, this study focuses on analyzing Vietnam’s diplomatic policy since Innovation (started in 1986) until now; thereby proposing solutions to improve Vietnam’s diplomatic policy in the coming time.

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