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Hishamudin Isam, Mashetoh Abd Mutalib, Yusniza Yaakub, Marzalina Mansor


Themes are central in conversation, as they symbolise and portray the essence of interaction, both orally and in writing. A linguistically acquired theme may be able to project the mental framework of certain language users, which in turn may help to define their identity. This study sought to analyse the teens' social media (Facebook) postings to examine their selection of conversational themes. The data acquisition process was accomplished through Virtual Advertising Operations (VAO), while the analysis involving the formation of thematic categories was completed manually by classifying words based on the cognitive principles of semantic prosody. The analysis revealed there are ten most common conversational themes by the teens, namely relationships, politics, economy, social activities, religion, school, festivity, beauty, marriage, and nature. Out of the total ten, the relationship theme was noted the most salient since it was most frequently exhibited in the teens' Facebook interactions. The relationship theme was marked by three (3) subthemes which underline the relationships between individuals or other groups of individuals through the present relationship and connection between individuals or groups of individuals, joint actions between individuals or groups of individuals, and matters pertinent to values, norms and culture as the relationship bases between individuals or groups of individuals. The highlights of the teens' conversational themes indirectly manage to bring about their mental framework in virtual communication.

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