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Bintara Sura Priambada, Hartiwiningsih Hartiwiningsih, Hari Purwadi


This study aims to provide an in-depth overview of criminal sanctions for female terrorist. With the aim of analyzing criminal acts of terrorism in theoretical studies and providing understanding regarding women as the perpetrators of terrorism in case studies and sanctions for criminal acts of terrorism in Indonesia which have an impact on the consequences of severe criminal sanctions for these terrorist actors. The method used by the author is doctrinal which analyzed qualitatively and the research method produced is in the form of descriptive analysis, namely what the respondents said in written or oral form and their actual treatment was investigated and studied as a whole unit both taken in theory and cases that occurred in Indonesia. The results of the study showed that in positive law in Indonesia which is regulated in a separate law and does not provide gender restrictions, perpetrators of crimes committed by women criminal sanctions were applied, namely imprisonment, life imprisonment, death penalty even if the female perpetrator brought child, the legal sanction given is plus one third of the sentence imposed. Some of the female perpetrators, mostly bombings in various regions in Indonesia, and three perpetrators who were arrested in Singapore. The severity of the punishment given is of course aimed at breaking the terrorist network in Indonesia.

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