A Mixed-Methods Study Comparing the Political Roles and Treatment of Iraqi and Iranian Women in Personal and Social Life

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Elaf Muthher Muslim


Comparative research in diverse fields improves our senses and allows us to completely appreciate differences and similarities. Because Iraq and Iran have similar social, cultural, political, and religious characteristics, this study compared and contrasted Iranian and Iraqi women from a socialist and feminist perspective.The primary purpose of this research is to determine whether or not the parallels are due to Iranian women's impact on Iraqi women. The grounded theory and interviewing approach are employed to achieve this goal. Both Iraqi and Iranian women have been participating in their countries' political activities, according to the research.According to the statistics, Iraqi women were politically active even when there were no ties between Iran and Iraq, indicating that this commonality is not the result of one country's influence on the other.The findings from interviews suggest that Iranian influence is mostly responsible for the parallels in attire, women's relationships with men, and Iraqi notions of beauty in Iraqi and Iranian perceptions of personal and social life.

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