Strategic Management Analysis of the Use of Information and Communication Technology in Efforts to Improve the Quality of Education in Indonesia During the Covid 19

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Yuliandi, Nasie Aziz, Mukhlis, Muhammad Adam


Strategic management is one of the organization's needs in solving an ongoing problem that has its own stages and processes. The strategic management process itself is a tool that can be used by corporate organizations that are in need of preparation for facing future challenges in improving company performance in the long term. The purpose of this study was to determine Strategic Management Analysis Of Information Technology And Communication In Efforts To Improve Education Quality In Indonesia During Covid 19. This study uses a qualitative approach which aims to obtain the required research results where a qualitative approach is research that is temporary, tentative problems and will develop or change once researchers are in the field. Sources of data used in this study are secondary data, where this data is obtained using literature studies conducted in many books and obtained based on notes relating to research, besides that researchers use data obtained from the internet. The results of research regarding strategic management analysis in the use of information and communication technology as an effort to improve the quality of education in Indonesia during COVID 19 are a fast step that must be taken by the government, this also increases the enthusiasm of students and parents when the government provides credit subsidies. policies for students and teachers are the right steps that have been taken. An important policy that must be carried out by the Minister of National Education is to restore assessments for learning, not eliminate them, because of the importance of the assessment factor for students, so that a better policy is to postpone the assessment rather than skip the school's internal assessment.

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