Pulpal Inflammation:Harmonizing The Double-Edged Sword

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Dr. Niladri Maiti, Dr. Alisirbabakuliyev, Dr. Duran Kala, Ribwar Fadhil Khalid


The Unique Defensive Response Of Dental Pulp To Any External Stimuli By Inflammation Has Long Been A Mechanism Of Interest For Us. On One Hand, It Marks The Beginning Of Any Dental Pathology Whereas On The Other It Also Marks The Initiation Of Dental Repair And Regeneration. Thus We Have Been Attempting To Better Comprehend The Inflammatory Biomarkers Associated And Also The Most Practical And Reliable Site To Assay The Same. This Review Article Assembles Few Of The Studies Undertaken For Harmonizing This Double Edged Sword And Hence Provide Better Endodontic Therapeutics.

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