Significance of C-C heat flux and Arrhenius activation energy over a hybrid nano particle by considering slip flow and convective heat transfer

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Dr. L. Venkata Reddy, Dhruvathara B.S, Dr. Padmavathi. R.


In this article, we examined the effects of boundary layer flow and heat transport of a two-dimensional incompressible MHD hybrid nanofluid under slip boundary conditions, C-C heat flux and Darcy Forchhimer medium. By using well known similarity transformation formulated flow equations are modeled into ordinary differential equations. Numerical solutions of the governing flow equations are attained by utilizing the shooting method consolidated with the fourth-order Runge-Kutta scheme. The impacts of different parameters on velocity field, temperature profile are given in graphs and are investigated in detail. Indeed, the outcomes are quite promising that, the booming values of porosity parameter scale back the hybrid nanofluid velocity. Furthermore, an abatement of transfer of heat is high in hybrid nanoparticles when treated with to nanoparticles for contrasting character of M.

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