Characterization of Saudi Arabia's Community Services from the Citizens' Perspective: The Hail Region as Case Study

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Hamad A. Alreshidi, Kawther A. Al-Dhlan , Zahida Paraveen


Saudi Arabia considered as one of the most prominent Arab countries that have focused on the issue of social responsibility and deployed this practice among public culture.  This interest did not come from the public government only, However, many companies in the private sector have adopted and implemented the same view regarding to the social responsible practices and initiate new department to achieve this goal. Even though this area stayed mutedly understood. Thus, this study aimed to identify, classify and rank the community services in Saudi Arabia, the study used descriptive method to collect necessary data, and limited it by choosing Hail region as case study,  by using  semi structure interview , the study explored the current status of the social works in Saudi Arabia, meanwhile two surveys were conducted to confine the community services then rank them according to point view of Saudi citizens, the first survey used purposive sample method to collect the different categories of the community services, meanwhile, 1100 participants are selected randomly to form the sample of the second survey. This survey targeted to rank the community services respective to citizens’ point view. The findings of the research indicated that the fourteen categories were classified are the major community services in Hail, these categories were classified based on the nature of the services and the ranks were concluded according to the point view of participants

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