The homeland themes in contemporary Iraqi sculpture

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Assist. Prof. Dr. Enas Malik Abdullah Al-Bshara, Hayder Azeez Goudah Al-Talebi 2


The homeland theme has a great presence in artistic works, such as representing a political, environmental, religious, or historical subject, as well as the artistic elements of plastic arts and the bonding relations, whether artistic or objective. There are many approaches that dealt with the homeland theme as an artistic content that varies from one artist to another according to the angle of perception. The present study is divided into four chapters. Chapter one includes the problem, significance, objectives, and limits of the study. Chapter two presents the theoretical framework. It is divided into two subsections. In subsection one, the homeland theme in plastic art is tackled. The second subsection discusses contemporary Iraqi sculpture. Chapter three contains the research procedures including the research community and its sample, research methodology, and analysis of the three samples . Chapter four contains the results.

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