Reading the Signs: A Brief Portrait of West Sumatra Democracy in the News Headline Discourse

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Agustina, Muhammad Adek


Portraits of the implementation of democracy in a government can be seen from various parameters, one of which is the event report recorded in the daily mass media coverage. This study aims to examine the democratic portraits of West Sumatra province that were presented through the local newspaper Singgalang during the publication period throughout 2016. This study is significant for further investigation because West Sumatra’s Democracy Index for that year was categorized as “the lowest.” This study includes Critical Discourse Analysis, which focuses on examining the aspects of language that reflect the power relations between the government and the people. The analysis results imply that the Singgalang newspaper can present the face of West Sumatra democracy through titles that describe the actual situation and relationship between the government and citizens. This finding is in line with the Central Bureau of Statistics findings, which indicate the poor implementation of democracy in the province of West Sumatra.

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