The Effect of Commodity Quality in Achieving Customer Service: An Applied Study about Al-Kufa Cement Factory

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Wasan Jawad Kadhim, Soulaf Abdalqadir Hameed Alsady


This research is aiming to try to find out the effects of quality which represented by its removal in the service provided to the customer. Al-Kufa cement factory was chosen as a place for the study.As the study consisted of two variables, namely: the quality represented by its dimensions (performance, reliability, conformity, organization) as an independent variable, and customer service as a dependent variable. That the importance of the study lies in determining which of the aforementioned dimensions have the greatest impact on the service which provided to the customer, the research was based on two hypotheses. The first hypothesis is based on the existence of a correlation and influence relationship between the dimensions of quality combined and customer service. The method of the questionnaire was used in order to reach the conclusions and recommendations of the research also in order to reach the final results of the questionnaire, then use the statistical program (spss) to analyze the study data,then the correlation coefficient and multiple linear regression were used from the analysis of the sample answers as statistical tools. The results of the study show that there is a correlation and effect between the combined dimensions of quality and customer service, as well as the existence of a correlation and impact relationship between each dimension of quality and customer service.The two researchers, after reviewing the conclusions and recommendations reached through the study, recommended some recommendations which are related to the research topic.

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