Efficiency of civil defense Services in the Main District Centers of Al-Muthanna Governorate

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Asst. Pro. Dr. Maher Nasser Abdullah


The Performance Of Civil Defense Services And Their Concentration In Urban Centers Is One Of The Recent Studies That Are Concerned With The Geography Of Cities, Which Must Be Given Attention Because It Is Concerned With Protecting The Population And Their Properties . The Research Aims   To Assess The Efficiency Of Civil Defense Services In The Main District Centers In The Muthanna Governorates Through The Current Distribution And Evaluation Of That Distribution Through Some Criteria And Variables Such As Population Density, Housing Density And Intensity Of Accidents , And The Research Followed The Descriptive And Analytical Approach That Is Consistent With The Nature Of This Study , And The Research Reached Several Results, Including The Variation Of Population Density According To Urban Centers, Which Reached Its Climax In The City ​​Of Greens ( 8548 Inhabitants / Km 2) Recorded The Highest Fire Accidents For The Year 2017 In The Extent Of NH Samawa (683) Fire, And Reached The Share Of The Center Of The City Area Nilai In Samawa ( 14 , 38 Km 2) And The Least In The City Of Salman (1,55 K M 2 ) The Most Important Proposals Are To Increase The Number Of Civil Defense Centers In Areas With High Population Density And Building An Extensive Database On The Organization Of The Work Of The Civil Defense Centers And By Increasing The Number Of Research And Studies .

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