Development of Sport Learning Based on E-Learning Website

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Ahmad Muchlisin Natas Pasaribu, Amir Supriadi, Rahma Dewi, Nurkadri, Febi Kurniawan


The tittle of This research is "Development of sports learning based on E-Learning website". Sports website is a supporting facility available both learning and multimedia which is able to present concrete material such as video and animation which can be used as a means of sports to convey material in real terms. The purpose of this study was to determine the percentage of student learning in accessing the sports website teaching media. The method used in this research is the R&D research method with the development of the Borg and Gall model. This research is used to see the development of the student learning process, how much change and the skills of learning ability to use and apply the Website. The results showed the feasibility of website-based learning on the assessment of lecturers and students was to obtain a total score of 53.88 and a mean score of 4.37, then the figure was 90% so that this learning media was included in the category of interpretation.

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