An Empirical Approach to Understanding Students’ Academic Performance: YouTube for Learning during the Covid-19 pandemic

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Mohammed Habes, Mokhtar Elareshi, Abdulkairm Ziani


YouTube is a vital platform among social-media sites, especially in terms of online learning/self-learning. This paper focuses on the factors liable to encourage online learning acceptance among online users in the Arab world during Covid-19. It explores the influence of YouTube videos on users’ behavioral intention regarding eLearning acceptance and their perceptions of this. Based on a survey method that targeted university students (n=180) in Jordan, the study used the PLS-SEM procedure, through SmartPLS software, to analyze participants’ responses. The findings here coincide highly with prior research indicating that users’ behavioral intention to adopt an online learning method is positively influenced by performance expectancy and effort expectancy. The study contributed to technology adoption e.g., YouTube in academia, especially in Jordan. Respondents showed a willingness to employ and adopt the new technology in their education. Finally, the findings were presented and discussed through the UTAUT and TAM frameworks.


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