Writing and Identity in the Femininity Discourse in the Feminist Biography

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Dr. Abbas Abdel Haleem Abbas, Dr. Ali Mahmoud Al-Tawalbeh


This study examines an issue that is still important for humanitarian researchers, which is (conflict) through femininity discourse by considering it a moving discourse, that doesn’t have clear features until now, especially through a literature adopted by Arab women (Biography). Through this literature and its models derived from Arab societies, the researcher studies the conflict between femininity and masculinity, the margin and the center, as an attempt by females to find her identity, or to form this identity through a special feminist discourse that reflect her position towards society, life and existence. Therefore, this study stands on sub-topics like female revenge, violation of the society surrounding her, and the reveal of her Oppressions and conflicts and crises. And other topics related to the nature of women's discourse, to find her identity.

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