The Misogynistic Tropes of Rape Delineating the Boundary of Romance in Popular Fiction

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Harsh Mahaseth


It is astonishing to see a civilized nation being defined by culture such as rape. Rape culture is evident in society and it is being achieved through the condoning and normalization of physical, mental and sexual torture that women are subjected to.Norms are created in society through attitudes, beliefs, customs and rituals. Rape has been embedded in our culture and hence it is seen as normal. Due to the normalization of such assault’s society perceives rape as something inevitable. Rape has been accepted as a part of society. But how has this normalization occurred? The media is an influential medium through which the people form their opinions. Whether it be newspapers, novels or television channels, all of these mediums propagate one point of view. Sadly, all the mediums have a massive amount of material that trivializes and eroticizes rape. It is due to the collective tone set by the media that a synthesis between rape and culture has led to the rape culture becoming a part of our society.

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