Development of Cultural Tourist Routein Phetchaburi Provine for Integrating to the Royal Coast, Thailand

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Nipharat Saiprasert, Danai Winairat


Three objectives of this research are studying all types of Local Cultural Capitals as the attractions for constructing the Tourist Routes, then develop and design Cultural Tourist Routes and create a Handbook of recommended Phetchaburi Cultural Tourist Routes for integrating to the Royal Coast.  Integrated Research of Qualitative Research, Quantitative Research and Participatory Action Research (PAR) are used in this study and its results show that Cultural sites are consisted in the Royal Coast Cluster with large number and diverse in types caused by geographical, historical and cultural factors especially the Royal Coast historical and local cultural wisdom center; Phetchaburi Province. 89 attractions from 9 groups of cultural sites are chosen for creating 12 Phetchaburi cultural tourist routes and some of 36 attractions in Royal Coast are also chosen for creating 1 recommended cultural tourist route using the theme of cultural wellness.  All routes are focused in young-aged tourists market to learn and understand several local knowledge. After sampling tourists trying the route out, they show their satisfaction of very high level of 4.31 (SD = 0.452) which impressing to the local hospitality of all local interpretators of Phetchaburi community-based tourism enterprise.  After that, all information from the survey are used for creating the Handbook of Phetchaburi Cultural Routes integrated to the Royal Coast named “HOW DISAPPOINTING, YOU MISS THE REAL PHETCHABURI” differs from other generally tourist handbooks by added challenge activities in suggesting cultural sites throughout the handbook. This 332 pages handbook of true color offset printing is created by underlining in beauty, enduring and avoiding of “unnecessary” and “the must to be updated” objects (GPS location, QR Code, facilities, etc.) for long lasting use and benefit to all appropriated Local Tourism Management.

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