Research and Strengthening the Community Enterprise to Suitfor Biodiversity Based Tourism in Mae Chaem District, Chiang Mai Province

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Chalermchai Panyadee, Parnpare Chaoprayoon Udomraksasup, Jariya Koment


This research had the objectives to research and strengthen the conservation and utilization of biodiversity from community enterprises linking to biodiversity-based tourism in Mae chaem district, Chiang Mai. This research used the mixed-method research, quantitative research and qualitative research methodologies including participatory action research method as tools in developing and strengthening the community enterprise group.  The unit of analysis was the community enterprise 258 group in Mae chaem district, Chiang Mai province while the data analysis used descriptive statistics, multiple regression analysis and content analysis for qualitative data.  Research results are as the followings: 1) Results of the research and the strengthening of the conservation and utilization of biodiversity of the community enterprise linking with biodiversity-based tourism, Mae chaem district, Chiang Mai province. Community enterprises in Mae chaem district have been registered total of 258 enterprises, most or 38.37 are community enterprises in the group of processing products from plant production followed by livestock production and cloth/Mae ChaemTeenJok production respectively. 2) Studying result of the strengthening of community enterprise management in the conservation and utilization of biodiversity in the community was at level medium ( = 3.08, SD = 1.10) especially the side of using wisdom in product creation and sharing or allocating incomes for biodiversity conservation in the community found to be the lowest. 3) Results of studying the factors relating to the strength in biodiversity conservation and utilization of the community enterprises found the attitude of the president of the group against the group operation, the support of outside agencies, the participation in the operation of the group, length of time for group creation and having a network with outside community organization had the relationship with statistical significance by jointly explaining 46.24% of the variation (F=11.72 P<0.05 R2=0.4624) 4) The development of strength in managing the community enterprises in biodiversity conservation and utilization was evidenced in technological transfer in group management in raw materials management and product processing, package designs and development and marketing including the building of realization in the values of biodiversity by having focus group discussion after the development.  The pre and post-training evaluation found the community enterprises had increased strength in every dimension (t=3.38, P<0.05)  5) Models and approaches for integrating the conservation and utilization of biodiversity of community enterprise groups and tourism based on biodiversity must be a combination of the operations of a community enterprise and community-based tourism, which both community enterprise and community tourism using bio-resources in the community as an important basis for product development. And their services until integrated into tourism based on biodiversity. Which will result in community tourism on biodiversity-based tourism created jobs, generating income, exchanging knowledge between communities and tourists in the dimension of conservation and utilization of biodiversity in the community. Resulting in sustainable development.

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