Anagram of Hadith and its Impact on the Islamic Ruling (Hukum Shar'iy)

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Dr. Haider Chechan Abd. Ali Al-Zaiady


This study investigates the ruling and judgments of the anagrammed (Musahaf) hadith in which, it presents and discusses a few examples of anagramming and how they are used and how can the slight change of shape of pronunciation can change the entire Hukum. Furthermore, it concluded that anagram (Tasheef) is a spelling error or misreading of a word. Tasheef among the Imamiyyah is defined as a shift in the letters or vowels. However, general Sunnah consider it tasheef to modify a letter or letters when writing. It suggests that the general Sunnah's idiomatic meaning is similar to the Imamiyyah's meaning. The resemblance in drawing the Arabic characters, impaired hearing, and sectarian fervour are some of the most prominent factors for tasheef.

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